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Paperback, Kindle, and Nook on sale

The small fix has been made, so the paperback version is back on at Createspace and Amazon. And for those of you who were waiting for the e-book, it’s now available on Kindle and Nook for 4.99. Apple and Kobo will hopefully be up shortly. Thanks everybody!

JT Ford


Found one small mistake in print version. Must scrap everything.

Noticed something in the print version. It’s very tiny (I won’t mention what it is) but the thing is I noticed it after approving everything. I could let it go, but it would always bother me. Best to tackle it now before it gets too widespread. What this means is that Henry Ray Has Escaped will temporarily not be on sale, at least the print version. It hopefully will be fixed by the end of the week and be back on sale. Sorry for the delay.

JT Ford

Now on Sale (though as of now it’s limited)

I am proud to announce that after over a year of hard work, my labor of love is now available. Cue party poppers. The paperback version is only on one site as of now, Amazon should have it up within the week. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this moment. I’m very proud of the book and I hope that my fellow readers will be too.


Almost Ready for Primetime

Formatting is almost complete. Just awaiting the final files to upload and my first novel will be ready to be unleashed, for good or bad. I already have accounts set up for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Createspace for the paperback copy. Smashwords should cover the rest. Crossing my fingers for an early December release.

JT Ford

Quick Update

I’ve just received the final proofread and have sent it off to be formatted for release. Just a few short weeks away!

Welcome to

Henry Ray Has Escaped has been a year plus endeavor of writing my first novel. What started out as a simple step of putting a pencil to a legal pad will soon end up with a book that I (and many, many readers if I am so lucky) can hold in my hand. To create a work of fiction really is a time-consuming process. I plan to reveal certain aspects on this page as the book becomes live. I’m very excited about what the next few weeks might bring and I hope you, my fellow readers, will enjoy the ride.


JT Ford